Built to Save Time

Ayxia Trace was designed with one thing in mind:
Make combing through application trace logs easier.

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Can consume over a million trace logs per second even on older hardware. The C++ API only sends format strings once, and string formatting is performed in the trace viewer so it doesn't slow your program down.

Channel Tree

Filter trace logs you're interested in by organizing channels heirarchily. Updates occur instantly independent of the amount of trace data.

Zoomable Timeline

Correlate events in the time domain by zooming out on the entire program run or zooming in on error and warning events. Easily spot unusally long operations or frames using timeline frame markers.

Trace View

Use the Trace Channel View to filter visible logs in Trace View. Warnings and errors are highlighted in yellow and red. Color coding helps correlate selected events and channels.

Frame View

Great for game and simulation development. Easily spot slow frames or requests that don't make the cut. Frame View can be hidden for applications that don't use frame events.

Timeline Ranges

Use ranges to help narrow down root cause.

Wait, there's more!

  • Multiple Application Channels

    Process multiple processes simultaniously, for example a client and server can be traced at the same time.

  • Tab Interface

    Switch between previous sessions and other currently running sessions using the tabbed interface.

  • Save/Load Log Sessions

    Save and restore trace sessions allowing for post-mortem analysis.

  • Warning/Error Filters

    Instantly turn warnings, errors, or informational traces on and off.

  • Open Client Library

    Protocols and client libraries are open source, so porting to your platforms and protection against obsolecense is less of a worry.

Coming soon!

Some features expected to be released may be incomplete or missing from beta versions.

  • Timeline Bookmarks

    Mark notable events in the timeline with a bookmark. This can be done in both the timeline view and the trace view.

  • Timeline Cursor

    Similar to a bookmark but more dynamic.

  • Support for Unity

    Quickly integrate with your Unity Game Engine application with the client API included in the Unity Asset Store.

  • Support for NodeJS

    Easily integrate with your NodeJS application.

  • Supports Other Languages

    Not using C or C++? Integrate with your C# or Java applications with the .NET and slf4j implementations.

  • Customizable Log Tailing

    Open or tail your existing log files without needing to integrate the Client SDK into your application.

Currently in Beta

Version 1.0 is feature complete and is usable in production. We're currently issuing beta preview licenses for interested developers at no cost.